The Invention of jump boots is an incredible idea of Kangoo Jumps, a sports brand that brought about this exciting achievement of rebounding boots. These boots aim to provide fun and enjoyment to jumpers. The models of jump boots have changed over the time to meet the needs and demands of consumers. Jumping boots allow to intensify training and boost the immune system. By using these jumping boots, muscle strength increases and stamina builds up.

10 Best Kangoo Jump Boots of 2017

Let’s have an overview of the jumping boots by Kangoo Jump and see how beneficial they are and in what situations they are the most suitable. These Kangoo Jump boots are not only for athletes but for common folks who desire fitness in a fun, powerful way.

KJ-Power Shoes Silver and Blue :


KJ-Power Shoes Silver and Blue


These boots are specifically meant for juniors especially for children above six years. It is very comfortable and highly qualitative hard shell boot. It also possesses breathable and machine washable liner which can adapt to three sizes and allows foot growth.  

  • Comfortable and a high-quality hard shell boot.
  • Machine washable and breathable liner
  • Possesses versatile tension springs
  • It comes with four Twin Turbo System which allows customized adjustments.
  • Safe to use and easy to learn
  • Works on all surfaces outdoor and as well as indoor
  • It cannot bear heavy weight.
Kangoo Jumps KJ Rx3 Special Edition:


Kangoo Jumps KJ Rx3 Special Edition


KJ Rx3 is special editions series which is best for adults. It’s capable of bearing between 32-90 kg. It is also considered suitable for the youth of same weight. It is multi-size liner which flawlessly adapts numerous dimensions.

  • It performs better than previous models
  • It is highly comfortable
  • It gives several customizing possibilities
  • It has a longer life span
  • It has a 2-way safety feature with a locking system
  • It is safe for the recuperation of sports wounds.
  • It reduces effect of shock by up to 80%
  • It’s hard to balance and requires practice.
Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes :

Kangoo Jumps Rebound Shoes


The KJ jumping boots permit all suitability levels and ages to participate in the rising recoil fitness drive. Doctors, health professionals, and researchers across the world approve and appreciate these jumps.  One of the best thing about this series is that they possess same design and engineering as of X3 and X3se, the only modification in rebounding shoes is the color scheme.

  • It could burn 2x the calories in 1/2 the time
  • Low impact activity for weight loss.
  • Best aching joints and knees exercises
  • Rebounding boots provide joints protection.
  • It is easy to balance
  • It could be used indoor and outside
  • These are too wide for normal, averaged women’s feet.
KJ-PRO 7 Small :

KJ-PRO 7 Small


KJ Pro 7 series has a special design for athletes and heavyweight jumpers. It has the incorporation of the newest Swiss KJ technology, heavy duty ShellXH and SRS (Safety Release System). The latest multi-size liner is flawlessly adaptable to numerous sizes.

  • It is a low impact workout for losing weight
  • Doctors & physical therapists endorse the use of KJ
  • It reduces impact shock by up to 80%
  • It comes with multi-sizer liner
  • Very easy on the body.
  • Comfortable for those who want to get rid of back pain
  • Difficult to be balanced for normal person
KJ-Power Shoes SE :

KJ-Power Shoes SE


This KJ series is for junior boys and girls of 6 years and above. These could bear weight from about 18 Kg to 55 Kg. These are highly qualitative solid shell shoes which are extremely comfortable, breathable and machine washable liner which adapts to 3 sizes and allow foot growth.

  • Versatile Tension Springs (with customized adjustments)
  • 4 Twin-Turbo System
  • Appropriate for children of age 6 and above
  • Works on all surfaces – indoor and outdoor
  • They are better for outdoor use.
  • They are very comfortable
  • They cannot bear heavy weight.
KJ-XR3 Blue & Yellow Extra Large :

KJ-XR3 Blue & Yellow Extra Large


It is ideal for running, marathons, training, jogging, aerobics, jumping and dance. Keen marathoners from around the world prefer KJ to decrease their time and manage to decrease it by half of what it would be while running with ordinary shoes.

  • Burns 2x the calories (workout 1/2 the time)
  • World’s Lowest Impact Shoe (reduces joint impact 80%)
  • Full body workout: legs, core & arms.
  • Makes any workout, a crazy euphoric fun.
  • Great for women – Kegel effect with every step & strengthens lower abs
  • High-quality product
  • Prevent diseases, cancer metastases & lifts immunity
  • It very uncomfortable
Xr3se All Black :

Xr3se All Black


It is a unisex model which is suitable for everyone to recoil. It is fit for teenagers and pre-teens. Its design is specifically targeted for beginning exercisers.

  • Reduces up to 80 percent of the impact of traditional exercise
  • Helps prevent injury by protecting the joints.
  • People with various fitness levels and ages can use it
  • Improve core stability, posture, and balance of body
  • You can upgrade KJXR3 to the KJ-PRO
  • Possesses removable liner which can be machine washed
  • Not suitable for athletes


Other competing brands in the same category:

G-max Jumping Shoes Boots :

G-max Jumping Shoes Boots

These are the best for jogging, running and walking. G-max shoes resist gravity with fun-filled footsteps. These are easy to balance and provide rebounding like astronauts. It gives ease to burn calories, build fitness and coordination as well as provide strength to leg muscles.

  • They are a fun way to workout and stay healthy and fit
  • Burn more calories than normal exercise
  • Low-Impact activity for weight loss, muscle training, core workout for all fitness
  • Simply slip over athletic shoes
  • Lowest impact shoes
  • Effective for health, fitness and improve blood circulation
  • Could be used for indoor or outdoor
  • Easy to fit and easy to use
  • Since they are made of plastic, they break easily.
Joyfay Unisex Fitness Jumping Bounce Fitness Shoes :

Joyfay Unisex Fitness Jumping Bounce Fitness Shoes

The Unisex Fitness Jumping shoes help in developing extreme muscle strength without putting excessive stress our your body.  It helps you to accomplish your best. The structure of the shoe controls the time of impact and give your body time to adjust to the change.  The adjusted sole helps you advance better,  adjust your stance, regulate your spine and hips to the way you walk. The inbuilt safety release framework forestalls injuries during use.

  • Increased base metabolic rate.
  • Heightened cardiovascular endurance.
  • Stimulates Osteoblastic bone building to combat osteoporosis.
  • Increased metabolism.
  • Best against injuries.
  • These jump shoes work best only with weights approximately 155 to 220 lbs.
  • It requires you to wear heavy socks.
Geo Space Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots :

Geospace Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots

These shoes have a new design with Jumping Jax Technology which exploits heavyweight, elastic T-Springs to capture and convert descending energy into extended, low-impact strides that are gentle for the ankles, back and knees. These boots possess Air Kick Anti-Gravity which gives a soft cushiony motion which is mild on joints bones. They also deliver an extraordinary calorie-burning, leg-strengthening workout and coordination-building. They are featured as high-traction non-marking footsteps that are safe to practise on any surface, indoors or out, and won’t leave marks on the floor.

  • The improved wider boot design provides comfort due to its ergonomic shape.
  • It is a model with adjustable air kicks.
  • Powered by patented Jumping Jax T-Spring Technology
  • Utilizes Rubber T-Springs to capture
  • Extended range of Replacement T-Springs
  • Easy to fit and too firm
  • Come with latest technologies
  • Heavy. No bounce or buoyancy steps could be possible.

Kangoo Jump has done the remarkable job by coming up with these jumps. They are catering to all age groups and weights. They have developed jump shoes for athletes, kids, women and men. Some of the features are adaptable as well, and they provide best customer service including return and warranty services. As an athlete, one need to perform all tasks and give best at all times no matter if he succeeds or not. No injury should become an excuse as there are no excuses in an athlete’s life.  Therefore, shoes by Kangoo Jumps are the best for a workout.  Due to their special design, they not only prevent injury but also reduce stress on the joints.